Busch Beading Tool 2.0

Beading tools form beads on prongs to create an attractive finish to ensure that stones are held securely in place in their mountings. These superior tools from Busch are designed with filigreed beading edges to better protect gemstones and to deliver more precise results. The opening at the end of the tool (calotte) is finished with a high gloss that creates a highly polished, perfectly rounded bead. Each tool is scored 10mm from the end, allowing you to neatly snap off the end to shorten the tool if desired. All tools are clearly marked with their sizes, making it easier to select the tool you want.
Replace beading tools as they wear to keep your work at the highest possible quality and your production at its most profitable.
Made of hardened and polished tool steel. Patent pending DE 10 2013 011 607.