Olympus Microscope SZ61/SZ51



Stereomicroscope SZ61/SZ51
Comfort for your eyes – precision for your work
The human eye is a wonderful instrument, catching images of every moment of our lives. At the same time it is extremely sensitive, and can become exhausted if it is not treated with care. OLYMPUS has therefore made every possible effort to develop new optical systems that allow the human eye to feel comfortable and relaxed while working with stereo microscopes. This not only protects the eyes but also leads to much more precise and consistent results in daily work. All three models the SZX7 with its advanced Galilean optical system, the full-featured SZ61 and the versatile SZ51 provide 3D images with true color, high resolution and no distortion.

Precise, functional and compact – SZ61/SZ51
The Olympus approach to ergonomic design seeks to achieve improvements that make work easier, more comfortable, and more productive, all at the same time. That means applying advanced technological methods to maximizing operability, reducing factors that contribute to operator fatigue, and building in effective safety features like ESD design.

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